Orthopaedic disorders can greatly affect the happiness of our animals and limit their daily routine. We endeavour to manage a great variety of bone, joint and muscular disorders. We are able to treat significant problems the most common of which are bone fractures, cranial cruciate ligament injuries, patellar luxation, osteoarthritis, elbow dysplasia, and hip dysplasia. To do this we use a varitey of techniques including external skeletal intramedullary fixation, locking bone plates and corrective osteotomies.

Our operating theatre is equipped and managed to the highest of standards, enabling our surgeons to provide the best chance of a positive outcome for their patients. We are commited to providing your pet with the very best surgical care. The surgeons are supported by a highly trained and caring team of veterinary nurses who play a critical role. They provide a high level of sterile aseptic preparation which together with the most aseptic surgical techniques, help to minimise the possibility of postoperative infections. They can also rehabilitate patients following orthopaedic surgery.

Common causes of lameness requiring surgical treatment are:

  • The cranial cruciate ligament for which we use a variety of techniques such as a closing wedge TPLO, TTA and extracapsular stabliisation
  • Luxation patella
  • Elbow problems such as medial compartment disease
  • Fractured bones after a trauma such as a road traffic acccident