Small animal surgeryOakham Veterinary Hospital is equipped to perform four surgical procedures at any one time.  A large, double theatre is used for all our routine surgical procedures such as neutering and exploratory laparotomy's. Our 'clean' theatre is for sterile surgery such as orthopaedic, ophthalmic and soft tissue surgery only to avoid any chance of infection from wounds related to our 'dirty' procedures. Our dental surgery is equipped with a state of the art dental x-ray machine which can be manouevered to take all the necessary images whilst the patient is on the table.

Our large, central prep area is where animals are anaesthetised and prepared for operations in theatre. Blood samples and minor procedures are also carried out here.

There will always be a dedicated nurse and veterinary surgeon to look after your pet whilst under anaesthesia and they are monitored on a regular basis during recovery to make sure they are coming round well.