If you are registered with the practice then you're entitled to a free health check with one of our vets at 6 months old.  This is a chance for you to have a really thorough health check and get some advice on neutering, nutrition, exercise, dental care and parasite control.  Our vets can recommend a flea and worming programme to suit your lifestyle and budget!


For dog owners this is a key time to be talking about neutering/castrating or even breeding from your pet in the future.  Many kittens are already neutered at this stage which has implications for the diet they need going into adulthood and the level of activity they need to have.

We can also advise on puppy training classes going forward and any behavioural issues that may be starting to show as they become more independent on walks etc. 

Make sure you book this appointment as it's included free of charge for any puppies or kittens who are registered here at Oakham Veterinary Hospital.  You can book by phoning our reception team on 01572 722646 or online using VetBooker.