The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), which was originally introduced in 2001, has meant that pets such as cats, dogs and ferrets can move freely within Europe without quarantine as long as they comply with certain regulations.  Pets must be micro-chipped, vaccinated against rabies (at least 21 days before travel), hold an EU passport and be treated for tapeworm (dogs only) by a vet not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours before its scheduled arrival time back in the UK.  It is always wise to phone the Defra Helpline on 0870 2411710 to check that regulations/advice on travelling with your pets hasn't changed in recent weeks.  Some airlines allow passengers to carry their pets in the cabin of a plane, however, larger dogs or something other than a cat or dog will be classed as oversized baggage or cargo.  Crossing the channel via Eurotunnel, your pet stays with you in the car for the journey, which is probably the least stressful option if you're not venturing far from home.  Follow the useful links below to the Cats Protection and Kennel Club website for useful information on the logistics and welfare issues surrounding foreign travel with your pet dogs and cats.

Kennel Club advice for travelling abroad

Cats Protection advice for travelling abroad