Catriona recently saw a 13 year old Jack Russell terrier in clinic, Lottie Dickinson, who presented with an enlarged stomach.  Her owner had noticed no change in appetite or exercise and cutting down on her food had made no difference to the apparent weight gain. 


After a full clinical examination Catriona was suspicious that there may be a swelling in her abdomen and recommended further tests.  Bloods were taken for testing and an ultrasound conducted to look for tumours/abnormalities.  The scan showed a large soft tissue structure in her abdomen which her owner opted to have removed.  The enormous splenic mass pictured was duly removed and Lottie has recovered well from surgery.  Her owner reports that she is acting like a puppy again and further tests have determined that the mass hasn't caused any other long-term problems.

Weight loss or gain with no change to feed or exercise can often be symptomatic of an underlying problem and is always worth discussing with a vet or nurse.

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