As a nation we have more pet cats than ever but the number of cats visiting the vet is declining.  Why is it that we see so many more dogs in clinic than cats?  It would be wrong to think that cats are just generally healthier than dogs are but it is true that cats are more adept at hiding illness than dogs.


Preventative healthcare is just as important for cats as it is for their canine counterparts.  The importance of vaccinating cats from serious, potentially fatal, diseases is just as high.  They also need regular treatment to prevent infestations from parasites such as fleas, worms and ticks.

As a Cat Friendly Clinic with gold level status we go out of our way to make visits to the vet with your cat as stress free as possible.  Our separate cat waiting area complete with cubby holes and privacy blankets for your cat carrier means a quiet, relaxing wait for your appointment.  You will then be seen in a consult room dedicated to cats where there are no dog smells to upset them.

Please read the attached factsheet for all the information you need about keeping your cat healthy. If you have any queries about the flea/wormer/tick products that we sell or the specialised foods we have available please phone our reception team on: 01572 722646.

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