Many of our pets suffer from eye conditions at some stage of their lives. These can range from grass seeds behind the eyelid causing a painful ulcer (which can be quickly cured) to lifelong conditions such as dry eye.

Catriona Laird has an interest in ophthalmology and is always keen to see your pets with any form of ocular problems. Her consulting room has been designed to give complete darkness, thereby facilitating a thorough ophthalmic examination. Catriona benefits from having access to advanced diagnostic equipment such as a tonopen for measuring intraocular pressure, a slit lamp and panoptic for detailed ocular examinations and a retinal camera for photographing the retina. Some of these were kindly provided by the University of Nottingham Vet School. In return Cat enjoys giving our visiting vet students ophthalmology tutorials and allowing them the time to practice using the equipment, thereby supplementing the excellent teaching already provided by the University.

In addition Cat is occasionally required to examine patients with ocular issues in our equine department.

  • Slit lamp in use

    Slit lamp in use

  • Panoptic in use

    Panoptic in use