Internal medicine covers a vast array of diseases and problems which can present with a variety of clinical signs. Multiple body systems can be affected such as gastrointesttinal, urinary, liver/pancreas, respiratory, neurological, hormonal and reproductive. The body system mainly affected is often not obvious at initial presentation: dogs and cats presenting with weight loss or vague signs of ill health are not uncommon.

Investigations involve diagnostic tests varying from blood, urine and faecal tests to diagnostic imaging (e.g x-rays, ultrasound, biopsies and exploratory surgery).

Our vets will help guide you through the procedures and results of these tests and help you decide which tests and ultimately treatments are appropriate for your individual pet.

Catriona Laird has recently completed a further qualification in small animal medicine (BSAVA Postgraduate Certificate in Small Animal Medicine). Cat finds internal medicine cases particularly rewarding and enjoys the relationship with both owner and pet which often develops with long standing cases. Cat is very happy to give help and guidance to her colleagues who are dealing with medicine cases so that continuity can be maintained.