Small animal with skin issueDermatology is the area of medicine dealing with diseases of the nails, skin and hair. Skin and ear disease represent a major component of small animal practice workload and forms one of the most common, frustrating and challenging areas of companion animal clinical work.

The most common diseases are: allergies to food and flea salvia, atopic dermatitis (allergy to environmental factors), bacterial infection, fungal disease, parasite infection and hormonal diseases that can affect the skin. There are often different options available when treating these conditions. Deciding which option is best will depend on the individual character of the animal and the circumstances of the owner.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life of our patients. To achieve this it is vital that we obtain an accurate and complete diagnosis of the fundamental causes of the problem and any factors that may be complicating the situation.

Treatments range from medication, immunotherapy and surgery to a simple switch to a special diet. Many patients have the best results with a mixture of interventions. We are experienced in helping owners decide how to achieve a good outcome for their pets and keeping costs at a reasonable level.