Oakham Veterinary Hospital is accredited under the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme as an Equine and Small Animal Hospital, the highest achievable standard under the scheme. This means that in addition to meeting all your animals' routine veterinary needs we can also offer a specialist standard of care, experience and facilities.

What does this mean?

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) regulates the veterinary profession. This includes individual veterinary surgeons and, more recently, the practices in which the veterinary team works.

Practices can become accredited under the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme, a voluntary quality assurance programme.

To be accredited, we had to pass a rigorous inspection carried out by an experienced veterinary surgeon appointed by the RCVS. We will be inspected every four years and must certify annually that we continue to meet the standards required. We may be subject to spot checks between full inspections.

Not all accredited practices are the same.

RCVS Core Standards

These standards apply to all types of accredited practice and signify compliance with a range of legal and health and safety requirements.

RCVS General Practice

Practices with General Practice accreditation have passed the core standards level and in addition have:

  • Policies for communicating with clients and looking at feed back from them.
  • Procedures in place to give estimates for treatment costs and obtain consent for procedures undertaken.
  • Have access to laboratory facilities for diagnostic testing.
  • Have an ongoing commitment to educating and training their staff.

RCVS Hospital

This means that we had to fulfil all the requirements listed above for Core Standards and General Practice and in addition:

  • We have nursing staff present on the premises round the clock and if required a veterinary surgeon available at all times to attend in-patients. 
  • A system for checking that clinical standards are maintained and improved by monitoring performance and outcome of treatments. 
  • A high quality and broad range of available equipment e.g ECG, ultrasound. We also have Digital Imaging, MRI, Shockwave, Neonatal care unit. 
  • Our premises and facilities have been rigorously examined, with the emphasis on cleanliness and sterility.

To learn more about our Hospital Accreditation go to www.rcvs.org.uk and see Practice Standards.