Puppy attending nurse clinicsOur fully-qualified Veterinary Nurses offer a variety of nurse clinics to provide advice on a range of common issues for pet owners.

In addition to those listed below the nurses will also carry out post-operative checks, micro-chipping and routine procedures for your pet i.e. nail clipping/tick removal and anal gland discharging.

Nurse clinics are offered daily during the week with appointments from 8.30am – 6.00pm.

Some of these clinics are offered free of charge and others will incur a small charge, please phone our main reception on 01572 722646 for more information on prices and available appointments.

It is an inevitability that the new addition to your family will be visiting the vets regularly during their lifetime, if only for routine booster vaccinations (which will start at eight weeks of age).  In order to create good associations with the practice right from the start it is beneficial to bring your puppy/kitten in to see the nurse without any treatment being done. 

More than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over three years old have some form of gum disease. 

Obesity is a very common problem in many household pets, not just cats and dogs, both rabbits and guinea pigs can also suffer from weight-related health issues.