‘Aided by our collaboration with the University of Nottingham Veterinary School, Oakham Veterinary Hospital has moved to the cutting edge of equine surgery, refining and developing new techniques, as well as improving established ones

Performing Equine SurgeryOur surgical suite has three operating areas, all accessed from the induction and recovery boxes via overhead gantries. We have a fully clean theatre for elective sterile procedures under general anaesthesia. This facility has positive pressure ventilation with antibacterial filters and is up to human hospital hygiene standards. The second theatre is designed to be used for colic surgery and contaminated procedures, it is designed to enable horses to be rapidly prepared for emergency surgery under anaesthesia. The third facility is designed for the increasing numbers of procedures carried out under local anaesthesia in the standing horse

Our experienced surgical team is headed by Neal Ashton and Julia Dubuc, their combined experience enabling us to provide the very best treatment for your horses

Anaesthesia is headed by Kate White, using the very latest sophisticated monitoring equipment

At Oakham all procedures are undertaken by Neal and/or Julia as lead surgeon and we always have an experienced theatre nurse scrubbed in to set up the increasingly complex equipment efficiently

‘At Oakham the emphasis is on outcome, so all aspects of our surgical service are designed to achieve an efficient, high quality procedure, to give your horse the best chance of a full recovery’

‘The emphasis is always on provinding the highest possible standard of care for you and your horse'