Basic First Aid Kit

Basic first aid kit includes everything you need to treat minor wounds and manage an emergency until veterinary help arrives :-

Blood Supplement

A highly absorbable and extremely palatable Iron, B-complex and Cobalt-enriched syrup on a Sorbitol base. Recommended for performance horses, Oakham Blood Supplement will also act as an exceptional pick-me-up for post viral uses and post-operative cases where horses may have lost appetite or for horses which have poor overall condition. High levels of vitamin B12 ensure red blood cell formation is and important metabolic functions are maintained.

Digestive Support

 A nutritional supplement containing probiotics and prebiotics promoting digestive and gastric health. Digestive Support may be used during diarrhoea, following deworming, digestive disorders and either before or after antibiotic treatment, or at times of stress. Contains high levels of saccharomyces cerevisiae (Sc 47) @ 1x1012cfu/kg . Digestive Support is mint flavoured and highly palatable, quite in contrast with some other probiotics marketed, which have a foul-smelling yeast odour.

X Ulcer

x ulcer pasteOakham X Ulcer is a unique supplement for daily feeding to Horses prone to gastric disturbances. X Ulcer will assist in maintaining optimum gut health and function, allowing maximum utilisation of feed. X Ulcer supplies a unique formulation of prebiotics, amino acids, sodium algenate and specific minerals necessary to aid the recovery and maintenance of a healthy digestive tract.

Joint Supplement

 A complementary feedstuff for the nutritional maintenance of healthy cartilage in the joints of horses in training and competition work. Oakham Joint Supplement contains Boswelia Serrata, a readily available herb, blended with Chondroitin Sulphate, Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine HCI (99% pure) and MSM.