Oakham vet Vicky Marchi has recently returned from two weeks working as a volunteer vet at The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust in West Africa.

The charity acts to provide veterinary care, equipment and education to owners of working horses and donkeys.  The lack of veterinary care and difficult living conditions means injuries and disease are commonplace.  This can have a devastating effect as the families rely heavily on their animals for transport and farming.

"The most rewarding days were spent running veterinary clinics at the local markets where queues of horses and donkeys formed for treatment; many had walked for 4 hours to see us.  We treated all conditions, including many tropical diseases not seen in the UK with very little equipment other than a stethescope and a thermometer! This presented a very different challenge to working under hospital conditions at Oakham but it was great to see animals improve and return to their families."