A pre-season check gives us an opportunity to discuss your horse and your plans for the season without the pressure of impending competitions.  We can review last season's achievements or problems and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals for the year ahead.  We can also liaise with your farrier, physio or chiropractor to decide on a coordinated effort to get the best performance from your horse.

A thorough orthopaedic exam enables us to flag up any potential issues that may manifest as injuries later in the year.  This will include flexion tests and lunging on a hard and soft surface.  We can assess body condition, discuss fitness training and manage the timing of maintenance treatments.  The aim of this is to optimise performance to peak for the most important events in your competition schedule whilst conforming to FEI clean sport regulations.

This exam will cost £40, can be arranged with any of our vets and includes a written report.  Any X-rays, scans or blood profile will be charged separately.

Phone our equine office today on: 01572 722647 to book your pre-season check with one of our vets.