Oakham Veterinary Hospital is based on a 15 acre site on the outskirts of Oakham, Rutland since 2005. In 2018/9 a significant redevelopment of the site was completed to allow the hospital to maintain its status as one of the leading equine facilities in the UK.

Our main hospital building now houses reception, 2 surgical operating theatres, a dedicated standing surgery area, two anaesthetic induction rooms and both our MRI and CT suites.

Across a trot up area there ia a barn consisting of 3 consult rooms, scanning room, Xray room and dispensary. This area also houses our 7 intensive care stables and 5 outdoor stables for day patients.

After crossing a second trot up area, there is a second barn housing an additional 6 stables, the scintigraphy suite and student accomodation. 

There then follows a stud barn with 8 foaling stables, 3 stallions stables and a semen collection area.

Other facilities include a 20x40 sand arena and a separate lunge pen for lameness assessment, poor performance evaluation and exercise for pre purchase examinations. The hospital has approximately 12 acres of grazing, both for hospital patients that require turnout, and for horses that are admitted for reproduction work. There is a large parking area for trailers and horse boxes and a loading ramp.



Inpatient Care

1. On admission a nurse will discuss and record patients usual daily routine, feed and forage regime on an admission sheet.

2.All inpatients have routine TPR's performed at the beginning and end of the working day.

3. From the end of the working day (usually around 6pm) the patients are in the care of the on duty nurse and intern. The duty vet will be available as required.

4. All inpatients are checked routinely at 8pm and midnight. In addition any intensive care or post surgery cases will be checked by the on call team as required by the surgical team and case vet. 

5. At 8pm all horses are checked, fed and watered. Any required medications will be administered by either a nurse, intern or students unders supervision.