Overland endoscopy is used for the diagnosis of upper respiratory tract disorders in exercising horses. This complex equipment works by allowing us to see inside a horse's throat during ridden exercise. The horse is ridden with a small endoscope threaded up the nose, and real time images of the throat function are transmitted to a computer via blue tooth technology. Horses can be exercised in our arena or taken to gallops elsewhere, where a faster competitive exercise test can be performed. This equipment has already greatly increased our ability to diagnose the cause of respiratory noises and poor performance in equine athletes.

equine diagnostics overland scope

  •  The gold standard for diagnosing equine upper airway disease causing poor performance.
  • Allows accurate diagnosis of conditions such as dorsal displacement of soft palate, aryepiglottic fold collapse along with many other problems, previously elusive with static endoscopic exam.
  • Quickly and easily fitted to any horse at clients’ premises or gallops.
  • Allows horse to exercise under normal conditions enabling analysis of high quality images.